Sandi Weaver, president.  Click here to see our video "Five Steps to Sound Financial Planning".Welcome to Financial Security Advisors 

Helping You Make Smart Decisions With Your Money


Here's what sets us apart from other financial advisory firms: 

  • We provide fee-only financial planning, which means we do not accept commissions.  We have a "fiduciary" relationship with our clients, which means we're required to do what's in your best interest.  That's a higher level than the "suitability" standard some advisers use.
  • Our approach involves comprehensive financial planning, not just investment management. Some advisers only manage your investments.  Some advisers only provide a financial plan the first year.  We work on your investments and financial decisions all the time, as you move through life.
  • Our professional-to-client ratio is twice the industry average.*
  • Our team meets with you twice each year: once to review investments and a second time to review your financial plan. In between, we contact you by phone on issues twice each year.  Plus, whenever a financial matter comes up, if you call, we'll help.  We communicate by phone, email, mail, fax, conference call line, and Skype - whichever works for you.
  • Our fees are significantly below the industry average on larger portfolios.*


The result? Satisfied clients! In our 2015 client survey, 100% of clients responding said they were happy with our overall service. In our investment management area, 97% were either satisfied or very satisfied, and in our financial planning services, 98% of our clients responding indicted they were either satisfied or very satisfied. 58% of all clients responded to the survey.

Our fee-only structure allows us to grow your financial assets without the headwind of hidden fees or commissions that affect your overall return.  Our approach lets you know exactly what you are paying and how it affects your return.

Check out our FAQ page.  We've tried to anticipate every question you may have.  Then please call us to set up an interview to find out what we can offer you.


*Based on a study cited in Financial Planning Association's Jan/Feb 2012 Practice Management Solutions, "Fees for Financial Planning Services: What Planners Charge" and on Schwab 2012 Registered Investment Adviser Benchmarking Study.